I'll never forget my week in Norway with this bunch. Great instructors, amazing accommodation, excellent chef Lafoun, great weather, beautiful nature. I recommend it!

Reference 1
Lenka Gregora
KiteTRIP Norway 2023

10 days of a great course led by experienced instructors, with whom it is fun even in the evening at the cottage, a great bunch of people, spacious cottage with sauna set in picturesque countryside. I would also like to highlight the culinary skills of the head omackar La Foune and his faithful assistant Radek, who have already attacked the Michelin star this year. Thanks for a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing you again next year! 🤙🏻

Reference 2
Sara Špičková
KiteTRIP Norway 2023

Thanks for another great event at Fehmarn. Perfect place, perfect conditions, service, equipment and most importantly atmosphere...what more could you ask for. I look forward to the next time!!!!

Reference 3
Viktoria Kostelecka
Kite course and trip Fehmarn (August 2021)

A few days ago I came back from KiteForce course in Sicily. I completed the courses under the guidance of experienced instructors Petr Tlapak and Martin Lafek. Around day 3 I started to ride well and started to enjoy it. Guys thanks a lot for the advice and guidance. I recommend it 🙂

Reference 4
Martin Stupka
Kite course Sicily (July 2021)

My 15 year old son was already going both ways during the second lesson, great job and attitude! Thanks a lot!

Reference 5
Kite course Fehmarn (August 2020)

Thank you Mr. Instructor for the new ultimate board Youri Pro. It's curvier , so it's playful, but it rides nicely and doesn't throw water 👍🏻. It has a straight sharp edge which makes the edge feel good and I know what to do with my feet 😉 Just sign me up for another course - I need to learn how to land off those "high" jumps 😜

Reference 6
Kite TRIPS (2020)

Thanks for a great week in Sicily and I had a blast both ways thanks guys PS: I'm 13 years old

Reference 7
Jonah Friday
Kite course Sicily (October 2019)

We have just returned from a snowkiting expedition in Tyrol by caravan. Great organization, we visited beautiful kiting sites (lakes) in the Swiss and Italian Alps. Martin was well equipped with a rental car, so it was possible to adjust kites at will according to the strength of the wind. The weather was good - it was windy and the sun was shining, just beautiful. At the same time, there was a great atmosphere, a perfect group of like-minded people gathered. Despite the freezing temperatures I really enjoyed it and I recommend it!:) More expeditions like this one!:)

Reference 8
Maya Ova
kiteTRIP Tyrol (January 2019)

The snowkiting course was great, the instructors were patient and encouraging. Thanks!

Reference 9
Alena Fajstová
snowkiting course (February 2019)

Great people to help you overcome your fear!

Reference 10
Veronika Hanelová
snowkiting course (January 2019)

Great people, great attitude, for me top of the line and I'm already looking forward to the next trip

Reference 11
Petra Strakova
kitesurfing course (August 2018)

Beautiful 2 weeks in Sicily. Well run courses, tireless lecturers.
May the Kiteforce be with you!

Reference 12
Ondřej Malík
kitesurfing course (August 2018)

I was on a course in Boleslav and just great, patient approach and everything well explained. Hopefully I'll get on a water course soon. Thanks 🙂

Reference 13
Tomas Urbancik
Landkiting course (May 2018)