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We have been active in the field of powerkiting since 2006. During that time we have organized many events and we have had countless participations in foreign and Czech competitions, which we have also been organizing for the last few years. We have done an expedition in Morocco, or supposedly the hardest snowkite race in the world (Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro), crossing the Onega Lake, or several World Championships and European Championships in snowkiting and buggykiting.

In the Czech Republic we are currently the only organizers of competitions in all three disciplines of powerkiting – snowkiting, landkiting and kiteboarding. Since 2011 we have been organizing the Czech Championship in Landkiting, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2015!

We are active competitors who occupy the leading positions in the Czech world of powerkiting. In our ranks you will find national champions and Czech Cup holders. Our members are representatives of the Czech Republic.

Since 2010 we have also been organizing snowkiting races under the name SNOWKITE STORMY ADOLFOV and it is the longest organized snowkiting race in the Czech Republic. We have held many teambuilding events and countless courses. 

We can proudly say that hundreds of satisfied clients have passed through our school. We are the most comprehensive company dealing with this sport on the market and, of course, not only because of this, we have the most experience.


Courses are conducted with an emphasis on maximum safety and quality of instruction. We have many years of experience in teaching and hundreds of satisfied kiters have passed our courses. We fly and teach on kites of the well-known Ukrainian company AEROS and Swiss company  GIN  which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of parachute and kit wings and which has been gaining success after success with its equipment.

We use quality and proven equipment. Our instructors have plenty of practical experience and each undergoes training so that the teaching is as methodical and practical as possible and your progress is as fast as possible with regard to safe handling of the kit. We teach and know very well the methodology of the international institutions IKO and VDWS.

We understand kiting as a SPORT not as a business and that is how we approach our clients who gradually become friends.

Super snowkite in Norway. Experienced instructors, great accommodation and lots of fun!

About us 1
ALENA formackova
KiteTRIP Norway (March 2022)

Snowkite in Norway with kiteforce: great course, spots, approach, team ... I recommend it to everyone

About us 2
KiteTRIP Norway (March 2022)

Thanks for another great event at Fehmarn. Perfect place, perfect conditions, service, equipment and most importantly atmosphere...what more could you ask for. I look forward to the next time!!!!

About us 3
Viktoria Kostelecka
Kite course and trip Fehmarn (August 2021)

A few days ago I came back from KiteForce course in Sicily. I completed the courses under the guidance of experienced instructors Petr Tlapak and Martin Lafek. Around day 3 I started to ride well and started to enjoy it. Guys thanks a lot for the advice and guidance. I recommend it 🙂

About us 4
Martin Stupka
Kite course Sicily (July 2021)

My 15 year old son was already going both ways during the second lesson, great job and attitude! Thanks a lot!

About us 5
Kite course Fehmarn (August 2020)

Thank you Mr. Instructor for the new ultimate board Youri Pro. It's curvier , so it's playful, but it rides nicely and doesn't throw water 👍🏻. It has a straight sharp edge which makes the edge feel good and I know what to do with my feet 😉 Just sign me up for another course - I need to learn how to land off those "high" jumps 😜

About us 6
Kite TRIPS (2020)

Thanks for a great week in Sicily and I had a blast both ways thanks guys PS: I'm 13 years old

About us 7
Jonah Friday
Kite course Sicily (October 2019)

We have just returned from a snowkiting expedition in Tyrol by caravan. Great organization, we visited beautiful kiting sites (lakes) in the Swiss and Italian Alps. Martin was well equipped with a rental car, so it was possible to adjust kites at will according to the strength of the wind. The weather was good - it was windy and the sun was shining, just beautiful. At the same time, there was a great atmosphere, a perfect group of like-minded people gathered. Despite the freezing temperatures I really enjoyed it and I recommend it!:) More expeditions like this one!:)

About us 8
Maya Ova
KiteTRIP Tyrol (January 2019)

The snowkiting course was great, the instructors were patient and encouraging. Thanks!

About us 9
Alena Fajstová
Snowkiting course (February 2019)

Great people to help you overcome your fear!

About us 10
Veronika Hanelová
snowkiting course (January 2019)

Great people, great attitude, for me top of the line and I'm already looking forward to the next trip

About us 11
Petra Strakova
Kitesurfing course (August 2018)

Beautiful 2 weeks in Sicily. Well run courses, tireless lecturers.
May the Kiteforce be with you!

About us 12
Ondřej Malík
Kitesurfing course (August 2018)

I was on a course in Boleslav and just great, patient approach and everything well explained. Hopefully I'll get on a water course soon. Thanks 🙂

About us 13
Tomas Urbancik
Landkiting course (May 2018)



About us 20

Martin Lafek

school and shop owner kiteforce

Martin has been kiting since 2005. He has valuable experience in racing and expedition riding. Kiting is his passion and his life and it shows in his work. Martin is the main "engine" of this project. He has been teaching the discipline of powerkiting since 2008! He leads kit courses, expeditions and trips. He has given more than 30 public lectures on powerkiting. He is a test pilot of AEROS kites. He is the Czech champion in buggykiting in 2012, 2013 and 2016. In 2012 he took 3rd place at the Czech Republic Championship in snowkiting. In 2012 he took 6th place at the European Snowkiting Championships in Reschensee (IT), a year earlier he took 11th place at the World Championships. He is the first Czech participant in the 250 km long, three-day snowkiting race on hard TOKE 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (1st place in mixed teams), participant in open championat MOSMORE 2015 (RUS), IKA snowkite World Cup Toglyati (RUS), VAKE 2016 (NOR), etc. He cast 7th place at the RedBull Ragnarok 2016 (NOR). Participant of several European and World Championships in buggykiting (since 2008). Organizer and chief judge of the Czech Republic Championship in snowkiting since 2015 - discipline "race". Organizer and chief judge of Czech kitesurfing competitions, e.g. "Kiteboarding Challenge Lipno". Organizer of the expedition "On kitebuggy on the driest places on the planet - Morocco 2010″. He has made dozens of jumps from the plane and is also an active pilot of paragliding and speeflying wings. He holds a Master's degree in Regional and Political Geography.

About us 21

Martina Zaciosová

Guide in Sicily

At the Sicilian base, he makes sure you experience the best and they were having the time of their lives. He takes care of the perfect background for your accommodation, shows you where the best local cuisine or take you on a tour of the area or a cruise ships. When it's not blowing, she works as a marketing consultant, translator and copywriter under the brand Zeru text and co-organizes educational courses for Czech female budding entrepreneurs-travelers from the platform Nomads on the move. She is also starting to be an active kiter on the water.

About us 22

Martin Sladky

Team rider, junior instructor

The youngest member of the team. Martin is a 2004 model year and started kiting when he was 10 years old. In 2020, he became a junior world champion in snowkiting in the marathon discipline at the IKA World Cup in Togliatti, Russia. AEROS rider and KITEFORCE prorider. It rides very well both on the water on hydrofoil and twintip. He emphasizes his versatility by training landkiting on a mountainboard. Still restless, very lively and won't shut his mouth. Always positive and an excellent team member who you really don't get bored with. Slightly eccentric. He helps with the courses and, it must be said, very well with other necessary activities.

About us 23

Markéta Bednářová

Instructor, Teambulding Coordinator

Markét is our expert in teambuilding events and professionally deals with first aid training. She also acts as an instructor and mental support for the team. He has completed a two-day winter crossing of KRKONOŠ in the "skialp-snowkit" style. He knows the destinations MAROKO and NORWAY. She's a new mom and is enjoying it to the fullest. He has experience in teaching snowkiting, landkiting and kitesurfing.

About us 24

Daniela Mayerová

Guide to exotic destinations

Daniela was born in the Czech Republic, in Havirov (1984). She earned two Master's degrees in Aviation Science and Commercial Engineering. She works as a freelance consultant for airlines and airports. She has a private pilot license - single piston engine (PA28). Her first experience with kitesurfing was in Sicily 2011 and she has been hooked since then. Marroco Essauira followed in 2012 with a first kitesurfing lesson. Kite locations she has explored since then including Argentina, Australia, Belize, Cancun (Tulum), Chile (Puclaro Dam), France (South Coast), Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Mauritius, Mexico (La Ventana), Oman, Panama, Peru, South Africa (Knysna, Langebaan), Sicily, Sri Lanka, Spain (Tarifa) and Tobago. She lives in the UK in Exmouth where she kites frequently. Kitesurfing is my hobby and passion and gives me an opportunity to be free and explore new locations unspoilt by tourism. She is planning various kite expeditions in the future teamed up with Kiteforce to take kite enthusiasts on trips of their lifetime. Trips we are planning for you now including Peru, Fiji, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Australia, Mediterranean Catamaran Kite Cruise and many more so stay tuned for details and book your kite trip today via Kiteforce

About us 25

Lukáš Doležal


Lukáš has been kiting since 2012. After successfully completing his studies at the CTU, he spent several years in New Zealand and took the International Instructor Examination in Vietnam.