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TERM: winter season

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LOCATION: Kitecentrum Adolfov / Pod Císařem

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COURSES: Snowkiting

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SERVICES: kite school, kite rental, accommodation

Kitecentrum Adolfov - Pod Císařem

Our kitecentre is located 15 minutes drive from one of the most renowned snowkite grounds in the Czech Republic. Kitecentrum Adolfov – Pod Císařem offers accommodation, kite school and kite equipment rental. Other activities include the possibility of using the ski area, cross-country skiing trails, or crossing sandstone rock formations.


  • one of the best snowkite spots in the Czech Republic
  • vast plains that directly encourage snowkite trips to the surrounding area
  • open to all wind directions
  • plenty of space
  • in case of strong winds, the possibility of using the low-lying plains (around Petrovice)
  • sufficient altitude of about 750 m above sea level
  • on-site parking
  • possibility of using the ski resort Telnice
  • accommodation in the hostel Pod Císařem with all services

The cottage, which is part of the kitecentre, offers pleasant relaxation by the fireplace, excellent cuisine, great beer and excellent service… For guests there are 8 rooms for 2 – 12 people, which are modestly furnished, but always pleasantly heated. The bathroom is on the floor and is shared by all rooms. It is also possible to use the ski resort Telnice, which offers several interconnected ski slopes or cross-country skiing circuits of various lengths.

Kite spot location

Gallery - Snowkiting with Kiteforce

Kiteforce courses - Snowkiting

At you have a guarantee of individual approach, replacement of unused days of the course (when it is not blowing), discount on equipment, the opportunity to participate in follow-up events and lessons from the best in our field.



Winter season –
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About the courses

All courses include

  • Teaching kiting theory
  • Safety of kiting
  • Rental of all necessary equipment for snowkiting

One-day course

In the course you will learn the basic principles of powerkiting both theoretically and practically – including kite riding.

The aim of the one-day snowkiting course is to learn the basic skills with small and large kites, safe handling of equipment, mastering take-offs and landings, preparation for first runs and also your first ride behind a kite.
However, the possibility of a ride is influenced by your abilities and also by the weather conditions. If you ride a snowboard, we recommend a two-day course.

Two-day course

In this course we will teach you how to safely control several sizes and types of kites. We will also teach you how to ride safely behind the kite, including returning to the launch site.

In the first part of the course, we will introduce you to the necessary theory needed to master the kite, introduce you to safety when flying a kite, show you several types of kites and guide you through the training, after which you will be ready to ride the kite itself. The second day is focused on the riding itself and its gradual improvement. Our experienced instructors will be with you throughout the course.

Five-day course

In this course you will be fully initiated into the secrets of kiting and snowkiting, including the simplest tricks. Designed for those who want to pursue kiting to the fullest and at the highest level. A snowkiting course is the best choice to enter the world of powerkiting.

In the five-day snowkiting course, we will introduce you to the complete theory, including all the rules and principles of riding and information on how it is done at different spots and competitions. After mastering the actual kite ride, we will focus on the driving errors that we will try to eliminate. We will teach you how to ride safely between multiple riders (evasive manoeuvres, crisis situations). This course is usually divided into several dates or we recommend to take it at one of our camps.

Variants of courses

For more people we offer discounted prices, see price list below.

  • 1 den
    (5 h)
  • 2 dny
    (10 h)
  • 5 dní
    (25 h)
1 den
(5 h)
2 dny
(10 h)
5 dní
(25 h)
3 450 CZK
/ person.
5 850 CZK
/ person.
11 850 CZK
/ person.
Introduction to powerkiting
Wind and its laws
Snowkiting equipment and kit
Kiteboarding safety, policies and rules
Fundamentals of meteorology and aerodynamics
Handling and practical training of driving a whale
Safe take-off and landing
Restart the Dragon
Kite with de-power bar and its use
Proper handling of crisis situations, safe kite flying and subsequent packing
Flying with several types of kites (from 2 m2 - 14 m2)
Preparation before the first start
Take-off and subsequent take-off on skis or snowboard with towing kite
Riding the tailwind
Consultation and selection of driving errors
Return to the starting point
Climbing upwind
Changing direction and avoiding with kit - manoeuvring
Fixed race kite and its use
Safe and quick stop from driving
Buoy riding, crosscountry
Eights, edge of window, free flying
Basic tricks - grabs, kite loops, rotations, etc.
Powerkit initiated and uninitiated jumps
Eliminating bad habits when handling the kite

Advantages of our school


More than 10 years of experience.

Several Czech championship titles and long-term organization of most of the races in the Czech Republic.


We teach according to the IKO and VDWS methodology

Discount for students
Discount for students

Are you a student?

You got it 20% cheaper!

Discounts for groups
Discounts for groups


From 3 persons you have a 20% discount

Discount for our course participants
Discount for our course participants

Have you taken a course with us?

You get a 20% discount on your next course or KITETRIP.

We'll take care of you
We'll take care of you

It doesn't end with the course.

From traveling to our next kiteboarding event to your personal development on the racing field at the highest possible level.

High-end equipment
High-end equipment

Only the best equipment

We teach and race on AEROS kites. We have only the most suitable equipment for your smooth course!


Rooms Under the Emperor

from 350 CZK / person. / night

Test centre

Kite Testing

on request


Let us know what you’re interested in. We will then contact you to discuss the details.