Oman Kite Trip

Oman Kite Trip 2

DATE: second half of August (depending on tickets)

Oman Kite Trip 3

LOCATION: Ras al Hadd / Masirah

Oman Kite Trip 4

COURSES: Kiteboarding

Oman Kite Trip 5

Kite Trip PRICE: 36 500 CZK

Oman Kite Trip 5

PRICE does not include: airfare, personal expenses

SERVICES: kite school, logistics, rental, accommodation

Kitetrip Oman / Ras al hadd - Masirah

The Sultanate of Oman lies at the very edge of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the country that has seen the fastest development in the world over the last half century. It was only in 1972 that oil deposits were discovered here, allowing for a relatively rapid and successful modernisation of the country. We visited Oman for the first time in 2019. We practically fell in love with him instantly. Several things characterise this country. It is almost absolute safety, excellent infrastructure, great Indian cuisine, interesting architecture, friendly people and beautiful scenery.

For kitesurfing there are some very attractive locations. It is primarily Ras al Hadd, which offers a beautiful shallow and clean lagoon with a sandy bottom, and then the island of Masirah, where there is a lagoon of immense size, with flat water. According to statistics, the east coast of Oman is one of the windiest at this time of the year and 9 days out of 10 there are winds stronger than 10 m/s! So we really have something to look forward to.

We could spend over a month in Oman to see all it has to offer. We have selected the most interesting things and we will catch many more attractions during our 11 days stay. We will visit the Sultan Qabus Mosque in Muscat, see the Tiva Wadi where we will swim in fresh water and natural pools before arriving in Ras al Hadd where we will snorkel with turtles and spend more days.

From Ras al Hadd we will drive along the east coast of Oman south towards Masirah Island. We will spend the next 3 days on Masirah, right on the beach by the lagoon with shallow water, where we will enjoy kitesurfing. We’ll be eating at an excellent Indian restaurant. From Masirah, we head inland into the mountains and see the second deepest canyon in the world – the Grand Canyon at Jebel Sham, the highest mountain in Oman.

Kitesurfing is planned mainly in Ras al Hadd and Masirah. If conditions allow, we will also ride directly on the city’s kite beach in Muscat.

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We will stay in local hotels and apartments. In Ras al Hadd we will be staying in a hotel and on Marirah Island we will be staying right by the lagoon in small double rooms. Accommodation is always with breakfast.


We’ll fly to Muscat. We will rent a larger 4×4 jeep on site so that we can get everywhere we need to go and have enough space for our belongings.

Price list

Oman Kite Trip

36 500 CZK

Included in the price:

  • accommodation with breakfast
  • all nights in a hotel or apartment (except for aircraft)
  • on-site guide, logistics and event planning
  • 4×4 rental + diesel, deposit and other fees
  • boat to Masirah island
  • trip with a local fisherman on his boat – diving
  • on-site charges for parking, local guide, etc.
  • overall organization and assistance with everything on site
  • testing and rental of equipment that we will have with us
  • supervision and assistance in the water
  • information brochure for kitetrip

Price does not include:

  • ticket to Muscat
  • personal expenses
  • meals outside accommodation
Estimated total price of KITE TRIP Oman: 42 000 CZK

Kiteforce odds

At you have a guarantee of individual approach, replacement of unused days of the course (when it is not blowing), discount on equipment, the opportunity to participate in follow-up events and lessons from the best in our field.


Oman is a great location for a Kitesurfing course.
The following course options are available:

  • 2 days – 6 000 CZK
  • 3 days – 7 500 CZK
  • 5 days 10 000 CZK

One day of teaching is 3 hours of teaching. This price is unbeatable compared to the standard schools located in this location and the teaching methodology is the same and follows the international rules for teaching IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization)!

Price list of courses

Kiteboarding courses in Oman

Two-day course

6 000 CZK / person.

Three-day course

7 500 CZK / person.

Five-day course

10 000 CZK / person.

Kite equipment rental is included in the price of the course!


Let us know what you’re interested in. We will then contact you to discuss the details.