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LOCATION: Spagnola / Sicily / IT

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COURSES: Kiteboarding

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SERVICES: kite school, base, rental, accommodation


You want to be in shorts and water in 3-5 hours? It couldn’t be easier or faster! There are regular and direct flights to Sicily from Bratislava (Trapani – Ryanair) or Katowice (Trapani – Ryanair) or Prague (Catania – Wizzair) or with a transfer from Prague (Venice/Milan – Trapani – Ryanair – 5 hours flight). In the fastest case in 2.5 hours. you’re getting off a short distance from our base. We will pick you up at the airport and go straight into the water to stretch your body after the flight or you can check in first.

Why Sicily?

Exotics in Europe. African subtropical climate. Excellent wind conditions. Excellent accessibility, ideal conditions for lessons, available locations for riding the waves. In addition, excellent gastronomy, wine and overall atmosphere. Beautiful historical and cultural places and opportunities for other activities such as. climbing, windsurfing, paragliding, cycling, quad biking, yoga or diving.

With KITEFORCE on SICÍLIA, this is a holiday that makes sense!