• 4. – 10.8.2023 
Sport kitesurfing camp on the German island of Fehmarn. This camp will include:
  • basic courses (for complete beginners)
  • advanced courses on twintip
  • equipment rental
  • supervision and help with everything you need
  • training of competitors on hydrofoils
  • testing of GIN and AEROS products
Designed for adults, juniors from 15 years of age without parents or for younger people accompanied by a legal guardian.

KEMP Fehmarn kite prices:

  • basic course weekly: 13990 czk
  • basic three-day course: 9990 czk
  • supervision and assistance for intermediate level for the whole event (possible with radio after agreement): 5500 czk
  • rental (complete equipment): 1300 czk / day
  • advanced courses – basic freestyle on TT (1 on 1, with radio): 1000 czk / hour
Complete camp for junior, including transport, equipment rental, accommodation, meals, coaching in water and on dry land and total program: 16500 CZK / 6 days
We stay in a nice and well-equipped campsite in Puttgarden.
We recommend bringing a bike, skates, scooters. We will have other dry training aids with us 😉!
Applications and reservations: kurzy@kiteforce.cz
Info and phone: +420 731 180 794

Sport Kite Camp Fehmarn 1


The next generation of the highly successful closed chamber model from AEROS. Huge wind range, higher stability and agility than the older NAVY model. Perfect kite for water, snow or land. A true amphibian with high performance and incredible wind range.