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KITE SCHOOL / BASE: May – October

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LOCATION: Fehmarn / Germany

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COURSES: Kiteboarding

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SERVICES: kite school, base, rental, accommodation

Pepelow / Fehmarn

The Baltic Sea coast is an ideal location for learning and improving your kiteboarding skills. The place offers a very wide, shallow sea off the coast, a steady and usually stable wind of sufficient strength to ride a kite and it is not far from our area (about 6 hours by car). Accommodation is arranged in a campsite and apartments near the kite beach and the whole trip is very interesting financially. In short, a lot of music for little money. The advantage of the coastal locations mentioned is the possibility to ride all wind directions in the vicinity. We teach two-day, three-day and weekly courses.


Camping PEPELOW Am Salzhaff offers 4**** facilities with the possibility of sleeping in tents (no booking required) or in apartments/cottages (booking required) and is located directly on the teaching site.

Accommodation prices start from 12 e / night / person.

Camping facilities

The campsite has Wi-Fi, a children’s play area, a grocery store, a shop selling smoked fish or “fischhbroetchen” (fish in a bun) and an excellent restaurant. The area is also suitable for cycling tours or cultural visits to the surrounding towns.


Transportation to the place on your own or by agreement.

In Pepelow / Fehmarn we have kiteboarding courses for beginners and a Sport Camp for kiters who want to learn new tricks.


Learn to kit

Get better

Pepelow / Germany

Want to learn kiteboarding? Great, we’ll show you how to do it.

Pepelow / Germany

Do you know how to kite but want to learn new tricks? The Pepelow Sports Camp is for you.

Sport Camp Pepelow

Do you know how to kite but want to learn new tricks? The Pepelow Sports Camp is for you.

freestyle / race / freeride / competition level

TERM: 1.7 – 14.7. 2022

  • 5 days a week in the water; 2-3 hours a day training with a trainer in the water
  • come for one or two weeks, or just a few days
  • daily analysis and DRY PREPARATION
  • training of tricks on request and guidance according to your abilities
  • race training
  • organizing small freestyle and race competitions within the camp
  • for intermediate and advanced riders – suitable for all ages and for riders who meet the basic riding requirements
  • own equipment is assumed, free equipment rental within the campsite
  • when it’s not blowing, sports and educational programme
  • for juniors, adults and unaccompanied children from 10 years of age


Every morning we present the daily plan. Usually we start with dry training – apart from stretching exercises, also trainers and theory of what we will learn. Then you go from the water and train for real. After about two hours we go to lunch, where we discuss other things. After lunch there is an afternoon break for about an hour and then we go back into the water for another hour or so of instruction.
Later in the afternoon there is a theoretical dry lesson, instructional videos and both kitesurf and snowkit videos are shown. We play not only ball games and exercise on indoboards.
When it’s not blowing, we break things down dry, work out on the treadmills, do stretching exercises, ride our bikes and go for a run.


With us (for unaccompanied juniors) or on your own.
Breakfast and dinner with us within the campsite by arrangement: 10 euro/day/person.
Lunch is on your own at your own expense at the campsite – smoked fish, steak and chips, or your own supplies.

Choose your level, what you want to learn

3 levels that can be intertwined:

  1. basic – perfecting the ride and first tricks – transition, toeside – backside, pop, high jump, long jump, backroll, frontroll, backroll transition, grabs
  2. intermediate – double / triple backroll / frontroll, backroll kiteloop, tabletop, one foot, board off, darkslide, unhooked raley
  3. advanced – deathman, relaxman, pop to blinde, raley to blind, backroll kiteloop to transition, F16, S-Bend, UH backrools (toeside, to blind), kungfu, megaloops, tantrum


  • Honza Cepoušek (Cepi) – maybe the best Czech freestyler of today
    He has more than 6 years of teaching experience, he is the Czech freestyle ski champion, winner of snk freestyle competitions at Adolfov, he has been kitesurfing since he was 10 years old, he has been teaching freestyle since 2016 in Rügen, he gives megaloops and the hardest unhooked tricks
  • Martin Lafek (Lafoun) – instructor with ten years of experience, organizer of competitions in the Czech Republic and competitor of the discipline race

Price list Sport Camping Pepelow

freestyle / race / freeride / competition level

The whole tour – 20 hours. teaching in the water

15 900 CZK

Week – 10 hrs. teaching in the water

9 900 CZK


2500 CZK

Individual lessons in the water beyond the camp – one to one

1 000 CZK / hour

Individual water lessons beyond the camp – instructor + two

1 500 CZK / hour

Breakfast and dinner with us at the campsite by arrangement

€ 10 / day / person

Rental within the campsite


Kiteforce odds

At you have a guarantee of individual approach, replacement of unused days of the course (when it is not blowing), discount on equipment, the opportunity to participate in follow-up events and lessons from the best in our field.



1.5. – we open the PEPELOW base and teach practically all the time until the end of September –
book your place on the course now

About the courses

All courses include

  • Teaching kiting theory
  • Safety of kiting
  • Rental of all necessary equipment for kitesurfing
  • Renting a wetsuit
  • Possibly. space rental

The three-day course is the most popular (long weekend) and is designed to guide you safely through the first steps of KITEBOARDING. On a theoretical, but especially practical basis, with the help of an instructor you will learn everything you need to start kiteboarding. Training is already taking place with the “sharp” kit on dry land and in the water. In a three-day course, I’ll learn

  • how to set up and pack a kite, how to take care of it, or how to repair it
  • kite on shore and on the water to start
  • bodydragging
  • rescue techniques on the water
  • first runs with the board
  • riding downwind

By completing this part of the course you should be able to progress independently in further training. Throughout the duration of this type of course, the instructor is always with you in the water and you are safe and under his control. What level of skill you achieve is always up to each of you.

In a five-day course, you can devote much more time to each part of the course and also manage your own resources better. There is more room to practice the skills you have just learned and to correct any bad habits or incorrect handling of the kite or board. In this course, you will advance significantly further than in the shorter courses. After about three days, beginners usually start to understand better how it all works and the next days you can concentrate only and fully on driving. So what else will I learn in the five-day course?

  • other elements of the ride
  • climb upwind
  • switch training
  • turns and more complex kite handling

Significantly more time on the water leads to very rapid progression of your skills. Our instructors will be fully dedicated to you for the entire 5 days of the course and will constantly ensure that your progress is as effective as possible.

And how do the first races on PEPELOW with look like? Volume right!

Variants of courses

  • 2 dny
  • Most popular
    3 dny
  • 5 dní
2 dny
Most popular
3 dny
5 dní
7 690 CZK /
€ 310
/ person.
9 990 CZK /
€ 400
/ person.
13 990 CZK /
€ 560
/ person.
Introduction to powerkiting
Wind and its laws
Kiteboarding equipment and kit fitting
Kiteboarding safety, policies and rules
Fundamentals of meteorology and aerodynamics
Handling and practical training of driving a whale
Safe take-off and landing
Restart the Dragon
Kite with de-power bar and its use
Flying with several types of kites (from 2 m2 - 14 m2)
Bodydragging on "up" and "down wind"
Walking with the dragon on the edge of the windscreen
Preparation before the first start
Start and subsequent start-up
Riding the tailwind
Proper handling of crisis situations, safe kite flying and subsequent packing
Consultation and selection of driving errorsBasic
Return to the starting point
Climbing upwind
Correction of kiteboarding position and improvement of kite and kiteboard handling
Changing direction and avoiding with kit - manoeuvring
Eights, edge of window, free flying
Basic tricks - grabs, kite loops, rotations, etc.
Eliminating bad habits when handling the kite

Advantages of our school


More than 10 years of experience.

Several Czech championship titles and long-term organization of most of the races in the Czech Republic.


We teach according to the IKO and VDWS methodology

Discount for students
Discount for students

Are you a student?

You got it 20% cheaper!

Discounts for groups
Discounts for groups


From 3 persons you have a 20% discount

Discount for our course participants
Discount for our course participants

Have you taken a course with us?

You get a 20% discount on your next course or KITETRIP.

We'll take care of you
We'll take care of you

It doesn't end with the course.

From traveling to our next kiteboarding event to your personal development on the racing field at the highest possible level.

High-end equipment
High-end equipment

Only the best equipment

Our boards are from the "school boards" edition - developed specifically for learning kitesurfing and beginners. We teach and race on AEROS kites. We have only the most suitable equipment for your smooth course!

Pricelist of Courses

Kiteboarding courses

2 days (up to 14 h)

7690 CZK / € 310 / person

3 days (up to 21 h)

9990 CZK / € 400 / person

5 days (up to 35 h)

13990 CZK / € 560 / person


Inflatable kite set (kite, trapeze, kiteboard)

1 500 CZK / day

Inflatable kite size 5 – 9qm

1 000 CZK / day

Inflatable kite size 10 – 13qm

1 200 CZK / day


500 CZK / day


150 CZK / day


Price of accommodation from

€ 12 / night / person


Let us know what you’re interested in. We will then contact you to discuss the details.